What colours of cloth do you supply?

We use Hainsworth and Strachan who have a wide variety of colours. Please check out https://www.hainsworthtoptable.co.uk/pool/product/uk-pool-overview/ or http://www.strachan.co/worsted-english-pool-cloth/ to view their colour options.

How long does a recover take?

A straight forward re-cover will generally take around 2-3 hours, if the table is without damages. However, if there are repairs that need to be made then additional time may be needed.

My pool table is uneven, what should I do?

Your table may need re-levelling. This is a service we offer so please feel free to contact us for a quote.

I need to move my pool table, can I do this myself?

We recommend calling us to do this for you, as we have specialised equipment to keep the table steady.

When the ball hits the cushion it makes a thudding sound, why is this?

Its possible the cushion is warn and the rubber needs replacing, or there is a loose bolt.

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